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Burial VaultsTrigard Authorized Distributor

Genest Precast is an authorized distributor of Trigard® burial vaults and supplies. The quality of Trigard burial vault liners is unmatched in the industry.

Originally the Trigard name alluded to the three structural elements of the vault: the concrete shell, the plastic liner, and the exterior sealer finish. Today, Trigard also refers to the three primary differences in burial vault design that make Trigard unique. This product is superior in three important ways: an arched lid design; the ratio of lid to base height; and thickness of the liner.

Trigard Difference

trigard burial vaults insideThe lid of Trigard burial vaults use a structured arch design. Since ancient times, the arch has been used to impart strength and permanence to structures that have survived to this day.

A flat lid is subject to cracking in the middle as the weight of soil is added on top of the vault. Our arched lid design distributes the weight load outward and downward to enhance the seal of the vault.

As a result of using an arched lid, the base of the vault is not as deep. This 1/3 to 2/3 ratio of lid height to base height greatly increases the flexural strength of the vault walls and adds structural integrity to the lid.

Available Models:

Caroline Vault Concorde Vault Concrete Burial Vault
Caroline™ Vault Concorde™ Vault Concrete Vault
Guardian Vault Heritage Vault Honor Vault
Guardian™ Vault Heritage™ Vault Honor™ Concorde Vault
Honor Silver Vault Oxford Vault Harmony Vault
Honor Silver Oxford™ Oxford™ Vault Harmony Urn™ Vault

Burial Vaults

Our vaults are available from these fine funeral homes:

Carll-Heald & Black Funeral Home
Springvale, Maine

Johnson Funeral Home
North Berwick, Maine
Lafrance-Lambert & Black Funeral Home
Sanford, Maine
Autumn Green Funeral Home
Alfred, Maine




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